By listening to cancer patients, I realized that one of the hardest things about the disease is feeling alone. So I wanted to address that in the first paragraph under the row of pictures. This shows that the organization identifies with this struggle and can be trusted. It offers hope by suggesting that reading this display will help the reader not feel alone.

Under the “About My Story” section, the project is described briefly and clearly. In the third paragraph it reinforces that it is a shared journey—so no one is alone. I emphasized this togetherness by using “we.”

In the last text section, I described the many services of the nonprofit simply and succinctly.

The language throughout is somewhat formal to remain respectful towards readers, many of whom are undergoing a very difficult experience.

The project was to introduce a poster display of a social media project. It was hung on a hospital floor hallway. It would be the first poster in the sequence and so needed to explain the project and the nonprofit that created the display.

The audience was cancer patients, their loved ones, and caregivers. The display showcased the stories of patients and was designed to offer hope and a sense of community. It was also intended to introduce people to this organization that could help them on the cancer journey. The tone was to be respectful.

The Project

The Strategy

Guide Posts of Strength

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