I aimed for around 2000 words in order to pack the post with enough information so the client would be seen as an expert. There is a lot of step-by-step, actionable content so the audience would feel that the information is immediately useful.

Motivated to take action, some might  feel ready to reach out to A&M for design and branding. To help achieve this second goal, I peppered CTAs throughout, encouraging the reader to take the next step and contact A&M. The language is casual and inviting, reflecting the company’s friendly vibe. The post leads and closes with a fun example in keeping with the brand’s entertaining tone of voice.

The owners of a web design and brand creation company wanted a blog post focusing on what an elevator pitch is and how to write one. Their company helps small business owners find their voices, which are reflected in A&M’s web designs and branding packages.

A blog about an elevator pitch would help position A&M as a branding expert so they would attract new clients—the primary goal of the post. A secondary goal was for the reader to reach out to them to discuss one of their branding packages. Their tone is informative, helpful, friendly, and entertaining.

The Project

The Strategy

Elevator Pitch

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