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So You Can:

• Bring in more money
• Have time to focus on your clients
• Relax, knowing your business is growing!

Your #1 Fan

When you choose to work with me, you get a partner who’s committed to your success.

Whether building trust to increase customers or keeping them so profits grow, I’ll work hard to see you win.

You spin a lot of plates.

Copywriting is one plate you don’t have to spin. Instead, keep your focus on the parts of your business that need your unique expertise.

Let’s move your business forward!

My Background


As a book production director, I loved seeing my clients’ joy when they received their final, printed books—and when they sold out.

Likewise, I root for my copywriting clients’ success. You can rest assured I’ll give your project as much attention as I did to all the books I helped bring to life.


My experience as an editor honed my ability to put the right words together to create the clearest message for the intended audience.

That’s exactly what I’ll do for you to help you get new customers and keep your current ones.

Let my skills help grow your business!

Visited the slightly smaller Statue of Liberty in Paris. From a bâteau. Rhymes with gâteau.


Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa . . . along with Rory Gilmore, Sheldon Cooper, Niles Crane, and


Named one cat Butter and another cat 


Dubbed a Japanese cartoon character’s voice into American English while living in a French and Flemish-speaking suburb of 


fun Facts


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.

Dwayne Wayne .

Mmm, cake . . .

Genius Copy

—Jenydia Soto
Graphic Designer

“It was a pleasure to work with Michelle. Her ability to do great research on the brand led to her brainstorming genius copy which aligned well with my illustrations. I look forward to collaborating with her on future projects!"

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