Since the audience was already looking for ways to improve their health, I jumped right into the topic. I avoided jargon and scientific explanations about how sleep works in favor of presenting real-world solutions, such as wearing a sleep mask, using a sleep hypnosis app, and avoiding alcohol before bed. This way, the reader would feel that the post is worth their time to read.

I kept this engaging by using light humor (for example, giving permission to not exercise). I choose to add a few exclamation points to keep the momentum, so it would be a quick read.

The audience will walk away from this having quickly absorbed practical tips to make their lives better. They would develop trust in the doctor and therefore the practice, paving the way to becoming clients.

My client, Dr. Ibiyemi, wanted a succinct blog post about how to deal with insomnia. It was intended to be engaging, informative, actionable, and accessible. The audience was people perusing a general health blog. The goal was to establish the doctor as an expert and helpful source of information. Ultimately, this promotes the company’s medical services.

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