It was important to give a little backstory on the business, as readers would expect this on an About page. By using a joke about the owners, I infused personality into the copy, keeping it fun for the reader.

Going beyond the idea of having an uncluttered home, I chose to focus on the peace of mind that can be found in an organized space. It speaks to a deeper need people have for not just practical function, but also for inner peace.

The Strategy

The company makes organizational products and systems. By the time the audience reaches this page (through the main page or product pages), they are already familiar with the product and have seen images of the organizational systems.

The goal of the About page is for the audience to call a company consultant to talk about personalized systems and ultimately to purchase one. The tone is professional but approachable. The personality of the company is knowledgeable, helpful, and fun.

The Project

Perfect Slot (spec)

About Page

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Your About Page Is Not About You

I'll Make It About Them So They Want To Choose You.