The billboard and horizontal bus posters provided the biggest challenge because of space limits. I was able to capture the ideas of having fun and feeling safe (implying being safe) in just six words for the billboard. This keeps it easy to read from a moving vehicle.

For the horizontal bus poster, I kept the company’s tone of fun by using a pun in the headline. The subhead promises protection and aesthetic benefits. The call to action invites readers to order their bottle today.

There was more space on the vertical bus ad, so I included a list of features and benefits to further entice readers.

The Strategy

SuperGoop makes sunscreen—and they want to make sunscreen enjoyable. Their voice is happy and fun yet informed. Cancer prevention is a key value of the company. Their audience is primarily women in their 20s and 30s who enjoy being outside in hot weather and are often at the pool or the beach on their days off. They have an awareness of skin concerns like skin cancer and want to feel safe and prevent their skin from signs of aging. The goal of this campaign was to drive sales for SuperGoop’s sunscreen on their website.

The Project

Supergoop! (spec)

Out of Home Ads

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