In speaking to the freedom of the lifestyle promoted by the author, I focused on the audience’s ability to choose the work they love based on the life they want to live. In keeping with the aspirational tone, I offered specific examples so the readers could imagine what this would look like in their own lives. This establishes a link between the life they imagine and purchasing the book.

In addition to introducing the idea of leaving the typical 9 to 5 for something the audience may have only dreamed about, I also included a section for those who were already familiar with the previous edition of the book. This ensures they know they will be getting something worthwhile in the new edition: actionable tips and inspirational case studies.

The audience for this ad was young professionals interested in non-traditional work opportunities that would give them more autonomy over their lives.

The challenge was to appeal to people who had purchased a previous edition of this book as well as readers who were brand new to the author’s work. The tone was to be promotional, aspirational, and informative.

The Project

4-Hour Workweek (spec)

Print Ad: Magazine

The Strategy

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