Blog Post (1a)

This post is packed with information demonstrating the need for children to start learning at a young age. This gives a sense of urgency to prompt readers to move forward to the next stage—the online sales page. It presents the problem the readers’ children will face—student loan debt and retirement income—and then suggests that Money For Life is a promising solution. Now the audience is enticed to click “Learn More,” which will lead them directly to the sales page, where the solution is presented in detail along with reinforcements of the promise.

PPC Ad (1b)

Under tight character count restrictions, I wrote this ad to draw on the audience’s desire to give their children the best life possible, keeping with the aspirational tone. It leads them to click to get a free guide which will help them ensure their children's future success. The link goes to a landing page.

Landing Page (2)

The subhead mentions eight conversations—so right away the reader will feel there is useful data to be had, but not so much it will seem overwhelming. I wanted to spark curiosity, so the landing page hints at how helpful the guide will be—enough to be intriguing, but not enough to give it all away. The audience will want to sign up to get the free guide to satisfy that curiosity, which furthers their progression in the funnel and also captures their contact information.

Email (3)

This email includes the link to the free guide. It’s written from the point of view of the company’s president. Her tone is friendly and personal, and she states up front that she is a mother of three so it is clear she can relate to her audience—and is not just a stiff corporate type. She further lays out the helpfulness of the guide by briefly outlining what readers can expect from it. She references an outside source to provide additional information. This bolsters the premise that children need to be educated about finances early. The email then reveals that Money For Life has tools available for teaching these skills and includes a link to the sales page (as does the lead magnet/free guide, which was not part of this project).

Sales Page (4)

I used narratives to drive the reader deeper into the ideas presented earlier in the campaign and made them very specific so they could easily be visualized. I contrasted the two stories to remind the reader how things could go badly without the help of the program. Then I offered hope that their children can not only avoid that bad outcome, but also be wildly successful, in keeping with the aspirational tone and the deep benefits of the product. The benefits are reinforced by a bulleted list that is easy to scan. Testimonials and expert opinions are provided to help the reader feel good about making a decision to purchase.

Money For Life's products are tools for families to teach kids about money. Their customers are busy moms (and, secondarily, grandmothers) who need to do this in an engaging way, to keep the attention of young people.  The audience wants to make sure their children are set up for success in life.

The project was to create a 5-part campaign for their online program for families with children ages 10 through 18. Children earn rewards for gaining financial skills such as using bank accounts and creating budgets.

The project included a blog post, a PPC ad, a landing page for a free guide, an email, and an online sales page. The tone was informational, aspirational, friendly, and helpful. The brief indicated that the flow should be as follows:

1a. Blog Post —> 4. Sales Page

1b. PPC Ad —> 2. Landing Page —> 3. Email —> 4. Sales Page

The challenge was to funnel prospects through to the sales page and entice them to sign up for a subscription product. Promoting a product targeted at cash-strapped families and costing nearly $180 a year, the project required demonstrating many deep benefits to the readers so the value of the product was very clear.

The Project

Money for Life (spec)


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The Strategy

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