I wrote the headline to hit the main attraction: the possibility of earning a lot of money, an idea repeated throughout. I highlighted that this could be accomplished in a relatively short amount of time, to dispel any concerns that the process would take too long.

I reassured the reader that the ebook would contain a wealth of information about how to do this from professionals, so the audience would feel that it would be useful enough to justify exchanging their contact information for it.

In addition, I made sure to carry the brand’s tone throughout the copy, building excitement for what this ebook could mean to the audience’s financial success.

The Strategy

The goal was to get people to trade their contact information for a lead magnet (in this case, a free booklet) about flipping houses. The catch was that the audience has likely never been in this business and has little to no prior knowledge. The challenge was to get them interested—and hopeful—enough to want to exchange their email for an ebook. The tone is enthusiastic, fun, and aspirational.

The Project

Lead Magnet (spec)

Landing Page

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