The first frame of the ad lists interests of the audience that can be found within the magazine. At the bottom is a reference to being knowledgeable and current. This appeals to the ego of the audience by inferring they will become (and appear) cultured by reading the periodical.

The second frame goes a bit further by suggesting the reader will have an upper hand in social settings, able to spark interesting discussions. The implication is that others will consider them savvy, even erudite.

The final frame enlarges the scope of the topics from arts, politics, humor, and current affairs to the entire world. The bonus is that the reader can keep up with all this through their phone, which they take with them anywhere and everywhere. A digital subscription to this periodical is presented as convenient, accessible, and a boon to one's pride.

The Strategy

The audience for this 3-frame banner ad rotation was people ages 30–50 with a household income of $75,000+ who are familiar with The New Yorker magazine but are not yet subscribers. The challenge was to convince them to satisfy their interests by clicking through to purchase a digital subscription to the magazine.

The Project

The New Yorker (spec)

Banner Ad

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