Since a strong parental goal is for children to have myriad abilities and to excel at some, I chose a superhero theme. This theme is engaging, fun, and relevant to the target audience’s interests. It also capitalizes on parents’ desires for children to reach their highest potential. It reminds parents that their children can stand out from the crowd with unique and well-honed abilities to help them succeed in life.

I used specific words to appeal to those desires. “Grow” implies building, expanding, and betterment—and is future-focused. “Unleash” implies hidden potential that needs a boost to be realized (by buying these products . . . ).

“Proudly” speaks to the natural feeling of pleasure a parent feels watching their child meet challenges, and also to the sense of satisfaction the parent feels when helping their child accomplish this. “Super” is repeated as a superlative that will make the parent feel like their child is special, leading the parent to feel as though these products will help bring out that specialness.

Together, the copy ties in positive feelings about parents’ hopes for their children with the product and company—thus promoting sales.

I worked with a graphic designer to come up with compelling and inclusive images of children in capes to captivate the audience’s imagination about how much their children can soar when using GroPlay products. We selected friendly and happy children to maintain the brand’s tone and the ad’s appeal to parents.

The Strategy

The goal for this rotational banner ad was to get parents to visit the website to peruse the educational toy selection for children ages 6 months through 10 years old. The audience was parents ages 25–35. The toys are designed to stimulate learning through engaging and fun activities. The brand voice is friendly and fun. The challenge was to create something unique and enjoyable that would capture the attention of an audience inundated by these types of ads.

The Project

Gro Play (spec)

Banner Ad

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