The greatest challenge with PPC ads is to pack in enough information in to get readers to take the next step while keeping within the strict limits of this type of ad. I was able to hit the deep benefits while being succinct by focusing on a parent’s desire for their children to be successful and happy throughout their lives, free from financial struggles.

Drawing on the audience’s desire to give their children the best life possible and keeping with the aspirational tone, the headline links their children’s financial future to the idea that “success begins today,” which creates urgency.

The ad leads readers to click to get a free guide which will help them ensure their child’s future success. The words "success" and "today" are repeated for their aspirational and urgent connotations.

The Strategy

The audience for this Google ad was mothers with children ages 10 to 18. The challenge was to get them to click on the link to take them to a landing page where they would need to exchange their contact information for a free guide.

Ultimately, the goal was to get them to subscribe to a monthly program to teach their children financial literacy. The primary tone was to be aspirational. Additionally, the message was to have a strong sense of urgency.

The Project

Free guide (spec)

PPC Ad (Google)

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