Parents want a healthy and pleasant experience for their babies (and themselves) during bath time. That’s why I decided to focus the copy on health with the pleasurable feelings of comfort and happiness. The headline emphasizes this by linking these.

The subhead promises that the baby will be comfortable—so the parent can relax. This provides comfort to the parent, too, and is further incentive for them to move to the purchasing stage.

A baby’s health is huge parental concern. I used terms like “nourishes,” “moisturized,” and “no flaking” to demonstrate that this product addresses those concerns.

The bottom section mentions features like a moisturized scalp and soft hair. The bullet format makes it quick to read for a busy prospect. I took this a step further and explained the benefits of each such as no itching, and no pain—and therefore more comfort. “No fuss” implies a more pleasant experience for baby and parent!

The company’s longevity is cited to bolster its credibility. Testimonials are peppered throughout. Not only does this enforce social proof, it also breaks the text up, keeping it easier on the eyes and thus more skimmable, making it more likely that someone will engage with it.

The goal of this email was to get readers to click through to make a purchase. It was aimed at people who primarily live in cities and like to cook for themselves and their families.

They enjoy fresh herbs, but face distinct challenges: they don’t have time to go to the farmer’s market, they lack outdoor garden space, they don’t have time to tend to a garden, or the weather in their city isn’t conducive to plants, at least not for very long each year.

The challenge was to convince the audience that the product’s features will make them happier and make their lives simpler by giving them easy access to fresh herbs, year-round.

The Project

Z-Grow (spec)


The Strategy

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