sThe headline speaks to this particular audience by appealing to their desire to add a special touch to dinner, since they take pride in this activity. The first few lines paint a sensory picture of fragrance and taste. The audience imagines themselves in the scenario and so associates the product with this savory experience, drawing them in to the rest of the text.

The body notes a number of special features like full-spectrum LEDs and an automatic water pump. These are used to provide proof that the product does as it says it will—allow city dwellers to grow their own herbs quickly and easily.

The line before the call to action at the end highlights the deeper benefits: a happy family and a cook whose life is made easier by the herb kit.

The goal of this email was to get readers to click through to make a purchase. It was aimed at people who primarily live in cities and like to cook for themselves and their families.

They enjoy fresh herbs, but face distinct challenges: they don’t have time to go to the farmer’s market, they lack outdoor garden space, they don’t have time to tend to a garden, or the weather in their city isn’t conducive to plants, at least not for very long each year.

The challenge was to convince the audience that the product’s features will make them happier and make their lives simpler by giving them easy access to fresh herbs, year-round.

The Project

Z-Grow (spec)


The Strategy

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