This email includes the link to a guide that serves as a lead magnet. It’s written from the point of view of the company’s president. Her tone is friendly and personal, and she states up front that she is a mother of three so it is clear she can relate to her audience—and is not just a stereotypical, "stodgy" corporate type.

She further lays out the helpfulness of the guide by briefly outlining what readers can expect from it. She references an outside source to provide additional information. This bolsters the premise that children need to be educated about finances early. The email then reveals that Money For Life has tools available for teaching these skills.

Money For Life offers financial literacy tools for families to use with children. Their customers are busy moms who need a way to engage their children in financial learning in a fun way. 

The desire of Money For Life’s audience is to set their children up for financial success. This email needed to capture attention and interest so the reader would follow through to the next step.

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The Strategy

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