The headline speaks to the main challenge by first highlighting the desire to do good—“Preserve The Future.” It then combines the notion of living a green life with living on a smaller budget. The subhead immediately calls for action—join the neighborhood—which is a friendly invitation to live green.

The text starts with the promise that the readers will feel “right at home.” Then, they are taken on a journey where they can envision themselves choosing the perfect customizations at the right price, all the while being part of a like-minded community. They imagine the roomy yards, lush nature, and backyard barbeques as if they were indeed already part of this picture-perfect neighborhood.

The bottom section of the ad mentions features like the sustainability of materials used. It then ties these features to the larger benefits of the experience—saving money and saving the environment.

Green Gardens is an affordable, eco-friendly subdivision that touts an idyllic neighborhood. The audience for this newspaper ad was 30 to 45-year-olds with families. The ad sent readers to a web page where their emails were exchanged for a virtual tour of the neighborhood. This provided leads to the sales team. The challenge was to convey the environmentally friendly aspects of the homes in a way that married the ideas of green living and affordability.

The Project

Eco Housing (spec)

Print Ad: Newspaper

The Strategy

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