The page starts with a bold promise—increase profits up to 60%—to draw curious and hopeful readers into the rest of the page. The first subhead and body text builds on this. Terms like “grow,” “higher profits,” and “more sales” speak to the restaurant owners’ ultimate business goals and are used to keep the reader hungry to know more.

Now that the readers are interested, statistics are introduced to back up the emotional appeal. The numbers prove the success of the service.

The last section addresses the readers’ hesitation to use new technology by ensuring that the process simple and the DoorDash team is there to help every step of the way. This removes a possible barrier in the audience’s mind.

Testimonials are peppered throughout to demonstrate that these are not empty promises—this service has worked for actual restaurant owners. This makes the audience even more primed to sign up.

The Strategy

The audience for this project was small, independently owned restaurants that were not yet DoorDash partners. The audience tends to be hesitant about new technology, but they’re interested in increasing business. The main goal of the page was to get them to sign up for the service. A secondary goal was to get them to call to talk to an expert if they were not yet ready to sign up.

The Project

DoorDash (spec)

Sales Page

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