The headline is very straightforward in order to grab the attention of the busy manager. The subheading starts with the idea that this is a stress-free way to get this job done, which will pique interest even further. (What hard-working manager doesn’t want an easy way to do something?)

I began the next section with the benefits of the program—happy and energetic staff. The deeper benefits of this to the manager will be expanded on later, when productivity is tied in.

Satisfying everyone is not always easy to do—but since a manager wants to keep everyone happy, they would be delighted to hear that Connor offers a wide variety of healthy options to meet any employee’s dietary needs or preferences. I demonstrated this with a list of specific foods employees might enjoy.

I decided to dedicate an entire section of the page to the ease of the subscription process in order to portray the company as a source of rest, not stress. This is another reminder that the service is “hassle-free.” Connor does the work, and the manager can just relax—a welcoming invitation.

The last main section discusses the contribution of this service locally. This would be important to a small business that is also an integral part of its community. The company would then be seen as a worthy partner.

The Strategy

Connor Office Organics delivers healthy, locally grown, organic snacks to small to medium sized businesses. The audience, managers with 50–200 employees, need an easy, cost-effective way to offer a variety of foods to their staff. The goal was to get them to sign up for repeat deliveries.

The Project

Connor Office Organics (spec)

Sales Page

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