The ad targets small business owners, coaches, and freelancers by starting with a reference to two benefits they seek: doing what they love and making money doing it. It focuses on how Jayla and Brad designs can help them accomplish that dream and how the company makes it easy.

This is written for clients at the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey: the expanded text mentions but does not explain branding or SEO because the buyers this targets are already aware they need these components.

The Learn More button leads nicely into the Services page of the J&B website, which expands on the benefits of their services.

The tone is fun and laid-back, which represents the website company's brand.

The Strategy

A web designer team wanted social media ads to introduce their services to people needing website building and branding services. They are a casual company who want to come across as knowledgeable and fun. (See also Facebook Desktop and Facebook Mobile ads for alternative text for this campaign.)

The Project


Social Media Ad

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Put your passion to work making money for you! We’ll make it easy by taking care of your website: branding, SEO, and design. You just relax and do you.

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