This ad emphasizes the 1 week design and branding deal that sets J&B Designs apart from many other designers.

The first line is intended to grab attention. The short timeframe and the idea of dedicated designers are intriguing. The brief text the reader sees before clicking See More demonstrates the main benefit—watching their business start to boom—plus the unique features of the service—two dedicated designers and only one week.

The one, two, three parallel construction with short phrases keeps the piece energetic, like something’s about to happen, and entices the reader to keep reading.

The testimonials offer social proof and bust through resistance preemptively.

The Strategy

A website design and branding company wanted med to create social media ads for their business. Their services are aimed at professionals who are either in the early stages of their business or need to rebrand. Either way, they want to grow fast. 

This ad was written to increase awareness of the company's Design Week service, where branding and site building happen in days, not weeks or months. 

The Project

Facebook Mobile

Social Media Ad

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One week to watch your business take off. Two designers, dedicated exclusively to you. Three results: Solid brand identity to build awareness. Gorgeous website to bring in more clients. SEO that works while you sleep, so the cash starts rolling in. Click below for more info.


“I love your design for the About page. You do amazing work!”
—Jennifer Myles, Boston Chic

“Jayla and Brad did a truly awesome job with my site.”
—Lionel Bundt, Carry Farther

“They went above and beyond. I am so pleased.”

—Penelope Hastbauer, Hastbauer Catering

[Headline] Brand & Website Building

[Link Description] Grow your business fast

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