The copy focuses on peace of mind at knowing experts will handle this important part of the potential client’s business. The first few lines address the ideas that their stress will be reduced because something will be taken off their plate.

I included a features-benefits list to further convince potential clients of the value of this service and help overcome objections. The list gives reassurance clients will be taken care of—and so will be able to relax.

A testimonial at the end of the ad provides social proof. It focuses on expertise and on being listened to, which bolsters confidence in the company. One reason I chose this testimonial is because it addresses potential objections about cost and value with the words “best investment”.

I created this so it was versatile and could suit an audience at the consideration stage but also someone in the awareness stage: there is explanation about brand identity, recognition, etc. It’s a great reminder of the benefits.

The Strategy

This Facebook ad was designed to drive traffic to a web designer team's website. The target audience was freelancers such as photographers and small business owners who need help with branding and website building.

The challenge was to very concisely convey the service and its benefits to clients in a way that would entice them to click to Learn More. The tone is informative, promotional, conversational, and fun.

The Project

Facebook Desktop

Social Media Ad

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Peace of mind for new business owners. Who, despite what’s been said, do not need to carry a heavy load. Focus on your expertise, and we’ll focus on ours—so your business grows faster, with less stress. That’s what we all want, isn’t it?!

With your input, we’ll develop a robust brand identity for you. A strong brand makes *you* stand out. The right customers will be drawn to you—those that share your brand values—and are ready to spend money on your products and services.
We’ll build your website based on this identity, so customers will recognize you and keep coming back.

And we’ll take care of SEO to help grow your client base.

All in just ONE week.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing:

📗 You now have a guide to express your brand consistently, so clients trust you

💤 An SEO-optimized website can bring in customers while you’re sleeping

🍽 You don’t have to do it all—we’ll take this part off your plate

📒 Employees and vendors can follow your brand to build recognition and win clients

🖥 You’ll have a website you’re proud to show off!

👩‍🏫 And you don’t have to slog through yet another training course

🎙 We care about your feedback so your voice is always heard

💓 You can focus on your passion while we help grow your business

⌛ The stress of waiting is over—we’ll do it all in just one week

👐 Your dream is in expert hands and will be treated with much care!

“I loved working with Jayla and Brad. They went beyond everything we expected. They took the time to figure out what our company was about—what we are about—and told our story in a visually beautiful way. Our business has really taken off. Best investment we’ve made.”

—Brett Taylor, caterer

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