For the static text at the top of the carousel ad, I decided to play on the idea of pay with benefits that many jobs offer, but in this case, the copy would demonstrate how benefits go beyond dental and health.

The first slide appeals to the sense of adventure many young people have. The slides progress through the many places these adventures can occur, building excitement and interest.

They also progress through “benefits” in the dynamic text below the images—in this case, work that the audience can feel passionate about, the fulfillment of helping others, the expansion of their worldview, the discovery of new cultures, and strong friendship-building.

The audience is led to imagine the many ways their lives can be drastically enhanced with this opportunity, spurring them to hit the button to “Learn more.”

The Strategy

This 6-frame Facebook carousel ad was aimed at people aged 20–30 living in the U.S. who were interested in exploring overseas and were not restricted by obligations such as a mortgage and a family.

The goal was to persuade them to visit a website that would explain a program they could apply to for teaching English as a second language abroad. The challenge was to excite them enough to consider making a huge change in their lives.

The Project

Facebook Carousel (spec)

Social Media Ad

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